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Why Speranza San Clemente?

  • Are You Ready for a Health Change So Significant and Life-Giving that Others Will Want What You Have?
  • Would You Like to Experience Quintessential One-to-One Care?

  • Do You Want to Propel Your Practice to New Possibilities?

  • Join us, for This Journey is Truly Your Reward!

What Does Speranza San Clemente Believe?


  • Speranza is the Italian word for Hope.
  • Hope and Action are necessary for optimal health.
  • Heaven interweaves with Earth as we discover and practice  Spirit, Mind and Body disciplines.
  • Healing and flourishing are our natural states.
  • Small changes transform lives.
  • Decisions and consistent actions drive personal growth and wellness.
  • Intellect over emotions and values over preferences lead to increased happiness.
  • Trust is the bedrock for healthy relationships.
  • Courage and Action are the keys to open the door to new panoramas of experiences.
  • A core of love and abundance always triumphs over a core of fear and scarcity.

Personalized, Leading-Edge Genetic Testing and Counseling for optimal medical and brain health

IntellxxDNA genomic testing

How Does Speranza San Clemente Serve You?


We design personalized health plans with an experienced Physician and Holistic Health Coach as your guides. Both are trained in Western and Eastern modalities, and your customized plan is supported with diet and lifestyle guidance.  We focus on optimal brain health, hormonal balancing, and hope for chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and more. 

Transitional and Transformational Life Coaching

We specialize in growth MindSet ReSet transformation resulting in improved relationships, enhanced perspectives, strengthened stability and enhanced purpose.

Individual & Family Counseling
and Business Consulting

We help individuals and families overcome challenges and life’s curve balls 

We assist companies organizationally and strategically to advance their business to new levels in the areas of business development, sales and sales training, and operational efficiencies.

About Speranza San Clemente

  • Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH
  • Dominic DiBlasio, IBCC, Transitional Life Coach and Amen Clinic Certified Brain Coach

Dr. Patty’s Favorites

If you’re looking for unique health support that is safe, effective, and Speranza approved, check out our SHOP menu tab.  We have everything from Stem Cell Peptide Patches, to NAD+ skin care, to Gut support!

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2 Special Summer Discounts for You from Speranza San Clemente Clinic

2 Special Summer Discounts for You from Speranza San Clemente Clinic

2 Special Summer Discounts for You from Speranza San Clemente Clinic

Happy Summer to all of you! Below are 2 Special Discounts from Dr. Patty and Coach/Counselor Dominic at Speranza San Clemente Clinic to brighten your Summer!

  1. From now through July 31, HydroNAD+ cream is offered at a 45% discount. This is a new NAD+ cream recently developed by one of Dr. Patty’s physician colleagues. HydroNAD+ cream contains pure NAD+, the essential molecule that exists in every cell of our bodies. As we age, become ill, or experience stress, our bodies produce less NAD+. Adding NAD+ as a daily supplement can offer many benefits.Patty and Dominic use HydroNAD+ cream as a rejuvenative skin cream and topical pain cream, and have found it very effective. NAD+ is restorative for the brain, and supports energy and mood in the body. Use this link HydroNAD+ cream to receive 45% off your first purchase: use code DrPatty49 to receive your 45% discount.


  1. From now through July 31, Dominic is offering a 15% discount on an initial session of Mindset Reset counseling services. Mindset Reset equips clients with useful tools to alleviate anxiety, fears, depression, and overcome challenges to enable you to realize an improved version of yourself.

Use this link to schedule a complimentary 20-minute session with Dominic DiBlasio, BCBC, to discuss Transformative Body/Mind/Spirit Toolsets that can Upgrade Your Mind and Recharge Your Life:


Both of the above offers expire July 31, so we encourage you to take advantage of them right away!


In Health,

Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH

[email protected]


Dominic DiBlasio, BCBC

[email protected]


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“Health Span”: A New Paradigm

“Health Span”: A New Paradigm

“Health Span”: A New Paradigm

He said:

I did a recent Google search on “a new paradigm needed for health care” that turned up many articles on how the less-than-optimal delivery of current managed health care could benefit from a new paradigm.

I want to share with you my story of how I have embraced a paradigm shift regarding how I view my own health care and make decisions around it.

For all my working career, I ‘ve participated in my Employer’s health care plan, selecting an option of a monthly fee deduction from my paycheck, with an annual deductible and co-pay. I chose the lowest cost plan and under that type of plan I needed to stay “in-network,” or otherwise I would pay a much higher price for medical services.

What I didn’t realize was that I had been subconsciously indoctrinated into our current cultural and western medicine mindset on health care. I would wait until I had a problem to happen, and then see how much of the potential solution would be covered by insurance. In fact, “Is it covered by my insurance?” was my favorite line. Sadly, if it was a preventive measure, I would wait to get it done as long as possible. I always saw health care as taking care of symptoms and problems after I’d experienced them, rather than proactively participating in preventive health measures.

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