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Brain MD Supplements:

Daily essentials in easy-to-use, on-the-go packets. Each packet of Brain & Body Power contains the following supplements. Take 1 packet with breakfast and one with dinner:

  • NeuroVite Plus – a powerful combination of more than 50 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts in their most efficient and bioavailable forms, NeuroVite Plus nourishes all the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.
  • Brain & Memory Power Boost – this brain-boosting formula delivers your body specialized, brain directed ingredients to support the brain’s energy, connectivity, and overall performance.
  • Omega-3 Power – gel capsules of the purest, most powerful form of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (without the fishy aftertaste) to promote healthy cognition, including recall and retention, focus and concentration, and mood and behavior.

Ion* Gut and Skin Support: 

  • This unique gut and skin health product uses the Intelligence of Nature joined with Science to restore your health as it closes the door on toxins and opens it for nutrients.
  • All natural, non-toxic mineral supplement that goes beyond the scope of probiotics as it strengthens your gut and boosts your brain.
  • Derived from nutrients in our soil’s microbiome, including trace minerals and amino acids.
  • Maintains the tight junction integrity in the epithelial layer of the gut; collaborates with your cells to release glutathione and fortify your immune system and skin against viruses and bacteria.
  • When your gut and skin biomes are empowered to do their jobs, your entire immune system and metabolism are fortified to help you face the world! 

Real NAD+ Melts™ for Optimal Health, Energy, Performance, Cognition, Cravings, Mood Stabilization, Anxiety and Skin

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a coenzyme helper that the body uses to make ATP, which fuels our body’s energy cycle. Our NAD is lowered with stress, illness, aging and substance abuse. NAD has the potential to enhance brain health and sharpen mental clarity, boost energy levels and overall performance, and improve fatigue and muscle function. It also can help with anxiety, depression and cravings.

LifeWave™ Patches:

  • LifeWave Peptide Patches activate one’s own stem cells using infrared light therapy.
  • Lifewave’s phototherapy patches use natural light, not medication, to stimulate the Body’s innate healing systems, providing specific health benefits. Infrared light emitted from the body hits the patch and is deflected back into the body at specific points to stimulate the brain to tap into the body’s energy and natural ability to heal itself. 
  • All patches have no drugs, chemicals or stimulants
  • X39 Stem Cell Activation Patch stimulates release of GHK-CU peptide from your body which activates and optimizes your own stem cells to rejuvenate and repair; there are over 80 studies that demonstrate its effectiveness with few if any side effects


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