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“I have been working with Dr. Patty for approximately a year to balance hormones and gain overall health and energy. Dr. Patty brings a wealth of knowledge on various subjects from women’s health to brain health and more. Her depth of experience, compassionate heart, and gentle spirit make working with Dr. Patty a joy.  Dr. Patty is a gifted physician who truly takes the time to listen, a rarity in today’s medical world.  I highly recommend her!”


“Working with Dr. Patty is like no other Doctor/Patient relationship I’ve ever experienced.  I feel deeply cared for (treated as if I were a member of Dr. Patty’s own family), heard, and loved.  I also feel I’m being provided the best treatment options and services I could possibly receive.  There are so many wonderful options available, but they can feel overwhelming to vet on my own, to gain access to, or know if they are good for me.  Dr. Patty simplifies all of that, giving me great options while taking my lifestyle into consideration.  I recommend Dr. Patty to all my friends and family as a phenomenal Functional Medicine provider.  She is continually educating herself on the most efficacious services for her patients so that there’s no one she can’t help! She’s of utmost integrity, and one of the best MDs you could possibly work with to transform your health and wellbeing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”


“I have struggled with severe anxiety for the past 12 years, when I say severe, I mean I wouldn’t leave my room for months. I had been to several doctors and counselors and put on different types of medications before I started working with patty so I was a bit nervous about it, but I was desperate enough and she really helped me. She helped me recognize that God is large and in charge and that I had nothing to worry about. One amazing thing she did was worked through a book with me about anxiety and she helped me recognize that my anxiety was just a nervous illness and nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I still struggle from time to time about different things but I sure am loving the new me!!!” 

— K.S.

“Patty DiBlasio has a unique practice where she takes the time to gets to know you before she deduces the issues that challenge you.  I have never experienced this with a doctor before and appreciate that she considers every factor of my life whether it is my family history, personal emotional situation, life circumstances in addition to my test results.  She has a great ability to gather all the information and create a plan for your health that considers all of these factors and results in optimum health.  She has a lot of patience and insight that helps her navigate through complex problems in a manner you know you are genuinely cared for and taken care of on all levels.  I highly recommend her and am grateful for her care.” 

“I have seen many doctors and counselors over the past several years, with limited success. I have also read stacks of books looking for answers. Dr. DiBlasio has a gift of recognizing the entire nature of a health issue. With her knowledge, skill and devotion to finding answers she has me feeling and living the best I have in years. Meeting and working with her has been a huge blessing.”

“I am so grateful to have found Dr. Patty. She has been an integral part of my healing journey as she has treated me for multiple complex health issues. Dr. Patty worked with me through lyme treatment to help me gain my energy and strength back as well as balancing my hormone deficiencies, all which have improved my health significantly. After having covid and a lyme diagnosis I was often dizzy and only could do 2 to 3 tasks per day last year. This year I am almost back to full energy, I am in the gym lifting weights 3-4 times per week plus I walk everyday. I was able to travel and go on vacation this summer. I could not have done any of those things with my health situation last year.  I have recommended her to everyone I know because of her knowledge and wisdom as a practitioner, her desire to keep growing and learning, as well as her genuine care for each and every patient.”

— L.K.

“Dr. Patty has worked wonders for both my parents and me.  We are so grateful to have connected with such a sweet, kind, caring, patient, intuitive, scholarly doctor, who is always willing to listen to every word we have to say, as well as proactively research further information to share for our understanding.  She usually recommends treatments she already has tried herself, and if not, will try it for herself first and then will share her findings and professional recommendations.  She changed my life for the better when I thought it was no longer possible, which includes being able to do chores, socialize, going out more, and even obtaining my dream job in a faraway city (never was able to sit in a car for errands, let alone commute to another city).  Dr. Patty is magically incredible!”

— J.N.

“Dr. DiBlasio is perhaps one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. She is kind, compassionate, and truly cares for her patients on a level I’ve never experienced before. She was referred to me from a family friend to possibly help with my years of chronic migraine and anxiety. She has literally changed my life. Her prescribed protacol for migraine and cognitive behavorial therapy for anxiety was just what i needed, she helped me heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have her in my life.”

“I had the stem cell knee injection in mid July, and it was very encouraging for me. For instance, you see small changes at first. I was fortunate to have an almost immediate response possibly due to a combination of factors. I was glad that I might actually feel stronger in a matter of weeks! Providing Hope is huge when there is science to back it up. For instance, I had some numbness in my right foot for a couple of years. About a month after the injection, I realized that issue had abruptly changed and it was only some slight numbness and it was significantly better. It does not bother me much at all now. The soreness on the inside of my knee was better on about the third week out. Just very thankful. I can highly recommend it. I know athletes use it, so why can’t regular people!” 

— S.S.


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