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"I was skeptical at first because I had knee issues for about 10 years.  Right away, it was like a boost of energy but then it took about a month to see real progress. I am so grateful that it has helped me so much."  

S.S., Patient who had Stemii bilateral knee joint injections

"I have struggled with severe anxiety for the past 12 years, when I say severe, I mean I wouldn’t leave my room for months. I had been to several doctors and counselors and put on different types of medications before I started working with patty so I was a bit nervous about it, but I was desperate enough and she really helped me. She helped me recognize that God is large and in charge and that I had nothing to worry about. One amazing thing she did was worked through a book with me about anxiety and she helped me recognize that my anxiety was just a nervous illness and nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I still struggle from time to time about different things but I sure am loving the new me!!!" 


"I have seen many doctors and counselors over the past several years, with limited success. I have also read stacks of books looking for answers. Dr. DiBlasio has a gift of recognizing the entire nature of a health issue. With her knowledge, skill and devotion to finding answers she has me feeling and living the best I have in years. Meeting and working with her has been a huge blessing."

"Dr. DiBlasio is perhaps one of the best doctors I've ever seen. She is kind, compassionate, and truly cares for her patients on a level I've never experienced before. She was referred to me from a family friend to possibly help with my years of chronic migraine and anxiety. She has literally changed my life. Her prescribed protacol for migraine and cognitive behavorial therapy for anxiety was just what i needed, she helped me heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have her in my life."

"I had the stem cell knee injection in mid July, and it was very encouraging for me. For instance, you see small changes at first. I was fortunate to have an almost immediate response possibly due to a combination of factors. I was glad that I might actually feel stronger in a matter of weeks! Providing Hope is huge when there is science to back it up. For instance, I had some numbness in my right foot for a couple of years. About a month after the injection, I realized that issue had abruptly changed and it was only some slight numbness and it was significantly better. It does not bother me much at all now. The soreness on the inside of my knee was better on about the third week out. Just very thankful. I can highly recommend it. I know athletes use it, so why can’t regular people!"

-Shana Stadler-Baird, Charleston, SC


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