How Does Speranza San Clemente Serve You?

Personalized, Leading-Edge Genetic Testing and Counseling for optimal medical and brain health

Medical Services

For Clinics

  • Customized Medical and/or Business Plans for your startup or established functional/regenerative/integrative clinic. 

For Individuals

  • Integrative and Functional Medicine Individualized Care with Dr. Patty as your partner in health
  • Bioidentical Hormones for Men and Women
  • Peptide Patches for health and well-being

(to schedule a 60-min medical consult with Dr. Patty and to get more information, email [email protected])

No matter what your concern, we can  help you. 

We have successfully supported patients to transform their health dealing with post-menopausal symptoms, female cycle issues, autoimmune conditions, Lyme + and Epstein-Barr, digestive issues, anxiety/depression, and a lot more.  

See Dr. Patty’s Interview on this Lifewave Webinar:


  • Personalized, Leading-Edge IntellxxDNA Genetic Testing
  • BrainMD Counseling for optimal medical and brain health
  • LDI (Low Dose Immunotherapy for Food and Environmental Allergies)
  • BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)
  • Peptides, Skin Care, LifeWave Stem Cell Patches

  • Real NAD+ Melts ™ 
  • hydroNAD+™ cream

  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing (discuss options with provider)


Free 20 Minute consult with Dominic (Schedule by emailing [email protected])

Individual or Value-Pack Multi Sessions

Mindset-Reset: Toolset to Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

  • Overcoming Difficulties, Stress & Uneasiness
  • Transforming Thought Patterns
  • Creating New Life Visions 


  • Recognizing Commitment, Responsibility, and Passion
  • Preparing for a New Horizon
  • Appreciating Communication, Agreement, & Understanding


  • Optimizing Being Better Together
  • Overcoming Challenges & Navigating Transitions
  • Understanding Conflicts, Forgiveness & Reconciliation


  • Discerning Values vs Preferences
  • Fostering Problem Solving & Situational Management
  • Strengthening Communications & Support

Life Transformational Coaching:

  • Making Successful Life Transitions (Career, Loss, New Beginnings)
  • Implementing Vision, Intention, & Means (VIM Strategy)
  • Building Healthy Relationships


  • Offering Guidance & Greater Perspective
  • Crafting “A (New) Vision For You”
  • Transforming Thought-Life 

Small Business Consulting:

  • Leading & Managing
  • Structuring Organization
  • Strategizing Transformation

Our Pharmacy: Personalized Body Balancers


  • Personalized BioIdentical Hormones
  • BR+NAD™ topical pain cream
  • Vitamin D 10,000 IU support


  • Real NAD+ melts
  • LifeWave Patches: see “Shop”
  • Ion* Gut and Sinus Health: see “Shop”
  • NADIA™ Complete Skin Care: see “Shop” 
  • BrainMD™: see “Shop”
Note that Speranza San Clemente is a Partner Affiliate with the above companies and may receive commissions in exchange for sales.


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