Why I am Hopeful—From Our Door to Yours

“All we are saying, is give Peace a Chance”  John Lennon/Yoko Ono

Whenever we put out a Speranza San Clemente blog, we write about a subject that is near and dear to our hearts, often a subject that we are learning about ourselves, so here goes.

Years ago, I used to sing with others the words to the song by Lennon and Ono, “All we are saying, is give Peace a Chance.”

It sounded good and made me feel temporarily better, but the song in itself didn’t really produce a lasting peaceful change in me.

Over the years, I have begun to understand why.

You see, I’ve gained a little wisdom from the challenging circumstances of life and discovered deep within that outside pleasures, no matter how “good,” can’t bring peace in themselves. A new car or home, job promotion, graduation, wedding or family celebration, while good and often pleasurable, come from the outside and cannot sustain lasting satisfaction.

Contrast that with something within that brings me long-lasting Peace. I can trust that a Higher Power is in control, and thus I always have the choice to “give Peace a chance,” no matter what circumstance is spinning around me. I can choose Calm or Chaos, Amity or Agitation, Hope or Despondency.

My choice in the moment usually reflects my faith in the moment of Something much bigger than me. Surrender and Trust always surpass controlling and doubting. Love Trumps Fear. It’s the difference between a core of Love and Abundance versus a core of fear and scarcity.

So I commit today to choose Peace. And almost magically, Hope piggybacks right along beside Peace.

Peace within helps to keep me from reacting in the moment at the level of my lower self in self-absorption with my thought patterns and panic with my actions. It gives me Hope that “This, too, shall pass” and better days are ahead.

How do we put this philosophy into practice as we relate to the events of the day?

Think Total Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit.


I try to keep life in perspective with rational thinking. This minimizes fear and maximizes faith.

Think about this.  Do you realize that the U.S. has experienced around 36 million cases of influenza this year, including 22,000 deaths, 144 of these children? For the week ending on February 29, 2020, pneumonia and influenza deaths comprised 7.1% of the total U.S. deaths reported. 

Contrast these numbers with COVID-19: as of March 14, the CDC has reported 1629 cases of COVID-19 and 41 deaths.

This past week in Texas there were 706 new cases of influenza reported; contrast this number with 27 new cases of COVID-19 reported for the same period.

While every case is one too many, and every death tragic, in reality most cases of COVID-19 are not severe. Remember that as a population we live with the flu risk each year, yet we don’t find it necessary to follow the flu’s new cases daily, keep a running tally of weekly deaths attributed to the flu, cancel major events, stockpile groceries or close schools. Most of us normally choose to live our lives with associated known risks without panic or hysteria, thankful for our health when we have it.


I start by choosing common-sense practices that will help to prevent potential infections such as routine handwashing, cleaning phones and computers, social distancing when applicable, and keeping myself as healthy as possible. For more specifics, click here .

I select good foods and water, exercise my body, and select immune-supporting supplements and holistic treatments.  I have discovered that I have autonomy not only to choose Peace in the midst of turmoil, but to use my self-awareness to support my immune system so that my physical body is as strong and robust as possible. Some of my favorite immune enhancers are probiotics, NAD, Vitamin D, CoQ10, Curcumin and Rhodiola rosea.


I make a conscious effort to maintain a personal meditation and devotional practice, and discipline myself to rest. I practice gratitude and forgiveness, positive thought practices, and try to fill my mind with what helps people the most instead of focusing my thoughts on “poor me” and what is wrong with everyone.

What I think about, I attract. So why not harness my thoughts by going within and envisioning my body as healthy and strong, instead of becoming fearful and waiting for a viral attack? Why not choose wise precautions and promote hopeful visions of a healthy world where harmony rules instead of dissension, chaos and worst-case scenarios? Even if it appears otherwise in the moment.

For you see, I can choose to bring Light or Dark, Hope or Despair, Peace or Fear.

So, why not consciously choose Peace, whenever and wherever I can? And when I give Peace a real chance, I have Hope that a better day awaits. I can make that happen with Faith and Hope, no matter what the current circumstances may be.

I encourage you to join me in modeling Hope (Speronza) as we serve others. No one says it better than Diana Ross: “Reach out and touch, somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can!” Even in the middle of today’s world.



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Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH

Dr. Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH is an Integrative and Regenerative medical doctor who is Board-Certified by the American College of Preventive Medicine. Learn more about her in her book, "Love Trumps Fear: 8 Medical Insights to Heal Your Heart and Transform Your Health."


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