What, Me Worry?

No matter what age, color, ethnicity, or sex we are, we all seem to have something to worry about. As for me, I have done my fair share of worrying about things that I felt certain would or could happen, but never did. This was followed by being thankful that what consumed my head, never was.

A while back, I learned that worrying happens when I invest too much in future-based thoughts. Just like regrets develop when I allow my predominant thinking to be centered in the past. When I think in the past or the future long enough, I develop a automatic pilot pattern of habitual thinking outside the moment. These patterns of thinking over time can become strong contributors to anxiety, resentment, settling for less, and even depression.

I also have experiences–thankfully more and more of them–where I don’t worry or harbor regrets. Instead I relinquish control of how I think something should be, divorcing myself of manipulating the outcome to go my way, while investing considerably in just being or giving my best in the present in relation to the matter at hand. This frees me from both worry and regret and allows me to live more fully, freely, right now. To think this way automatically, I have to process my life so the tapes or negative inner voice take a one-way hike out of my head. There’s an old aphorism that goes like this, “if I don’t process my past, my past will keep becoming my future.” I believe it will truly own my destiny.

Adding to this “let go and let God” approach, I use a spiritual principle known to many as one-day-at-a-time. Not looking beyond what my headlights (my eyes) can see helps clarify priorities, keeps me in the present, and simplifies my life a great deal. This doesn’t mean I don’t set any goals or don’t plan. Planning and executing are tools for scheduling priorities, preparing a sense of direction, and offering actions to achieve something worthwhile. Living is designed to be done in the present–that is where all my experiences fire and all my relationships resonate. The present is where my connection with God lies, where life can get very full, joyful and flowing with gratitude.

As Patty wrote in her last blog about our clinic’s name change, we could have fretted and concluded this clinic venture door is being shut, wasn’t meant to be, yadda, yadda. Instead, we dealt with the issue as it unfolded. We assessed our options, brainstormed, and even though we were tempted to fall backward we chose instead to keep falling forward. We now believe Speranza San Clemente is actually a better and more apropos name than the original name we started with.

So, if you suffer from worry, anxiety and fear, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation on how to break free from these “monsters” for good, and join us on the path to freedom and a fuller life. Your best days as with ours are ahead of us, not behind us.

Forward and abbondanza!

Until next time, Dominic

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