He Said: Side-By-Side, Let’s Reinvent

Now that you’re caught up with Patty’s update, it’s Dominic now speaking. I want to encourage you to join us, side-by-side, as we move forward in opening up to new horizons, seizing the day, every day, and preparing for a better tomorrow!

This may sound like wishful thinking. Yet, this is what both my amazing wife and I have experienced individually and collectively. In the midst of trouble, uncertainty, and illness, what we have found to be true is that what we really believe, and what we consistently do, propel us towards who and what we become. We continue to transform and reinvent ourselves by the power of our Creator.

ChangeMasters Clinic is an outgrowth of our life experiences as we offer our services to assist others in overcoming difficulties and false limitations.

Yes, you can be a part of this change!

I’ve worked in the technology industry most of my career.  A common term for software or technology that transforms businesses is referred to as disruptive. Some technologies are so disruptive that their effects go far beyond business and consumerism because they change our very lives, just as computers and smart phones have done.

A new device or a new way to do something may make our lives more convenient, yet it won’t change our quality of relationships, our weight, or how we handle stress, anxiety and grief. For this we need a new software, a new operating system if you will. One that will give us more self-control over our inner voice, our choices, our values and preferences.

If you’re ready to go the distance, you can change for the better. Not tomorrow, not someday, but today can be the beginning.

ChangeMasters Clinic (CMC) can help you Change. Reinvent. Transform. It is a safe place to get in touch with yourself at a deeper level in order to live fully and love more completely. CMC is a place where curiosity thrives, and courage and faith grow strong. Folks have the opportunity to seek honest answers to honest questions about health, significance, and all aspects of life.

Come and visit us on our website! We welcome your feedback!

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