Have You Ever Really, Really Wanted Something?

Have you ever really, really wanted something?

Like most of us, I have. The most recent thing I wanted focused on moving forward with our “ChangeMasters Clinic.” In fact, it was just last November that I published a Blog “Let’s Catch Up” that detailed our plans for our new ChangeMasters Clinic.

However, 3 weeks later over the Thanksgiving holiday, we received a registered letter from an attorney for a company that felt our Clinic name was infringing upon their trademark, and asked us to change our name or change some of our services.

After some wise counsel and much thought and prayer, we made the decision to change our name.

That decision brought us 2 choices:

  1. Fret deeply and see this event as “bad.” That was easy to do. After all, we had spent time and money investing in ChangeMasters Clinic. We had become emotionally attached to that name and a bit caught up in its identity. It seemed like the perfect name. It didn’t seem fair or necessary that we should abandon it.    OR
  2. Fret briefly and see this event as “good.” That was a little harder. This choice would entail more money, more time, and an emotional release of what we thought was right to something new that we hadn’t even named. Yet just perhaps there was a greater Master Plan that we weren’t able to see, and the new name held the possibility of surpassing the old one.

Choice #2 seemed the best choice for our soul. So we began to reflect on what our new name would be if we made this change.

In the meantime, we moved from Northern to Southern California the end of December, and we began to entertain the idea that perhaps our new name should incorporate where we were now living—San Clemente–with its warmer coastal climate and ocean tranquility. Even though we originally thought that being willing to “Change” was perhaps the most important force behind a Clinic that supported restoration of optimal health, we now had an even bigger picture.

Yes, “Change” in lifestyle and mindset is important in birthing better health, but “Hope” may be even more crucial. I have observed in myself and my patients that without “Hope,” we as humans often become paralyzed in habits that keep us stuck and out-of-sync in our mind, body, and spirit health.

Many of you know that Dominic is Italian: he was born in Little Italy in Cleveland OH, and has incorporated many aspects of his Italian heritage throughout his life.  As we began to consider the Italian word for “Hope”–Speranza–we settled on our new clinic name: Speranza San Clemente.

And, so, here we are 2 months later, reintroducing you to our Clinic, now under the name of “Speranza San Clemente: Transforming Health Each Day.”

Although our name is different, our cornerstone values remain the same: Trust, Courage, Personal Growth, and Abbondanza (Italian for Love and Abundance). Our logo and services are the same with the exception of an added Genetic Testing option. Its results can provide Hope and Impetus for change.

We encourage you to check out our revised and newly named Clinic website at Our previous address will divert you to our new address only for the next 90 days, so please make that change in your records.

Please note that our email addresses previously associated with ChangeMasters Clinic have also changed: and

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.




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Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH

Dr. Patty DiBlasio, MD, MPH is an Integrative and Regenerative medical doctor who is Board-Certified by the American College of Preventive Medicine. Learn more about her in her book, "Love Trumps Fear: 8 Medical Insights to Heal Your Heart and Transform Your Health."


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