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I was reviewing COVID-19 data for the state of CA through 4/25/20 (see table below). As I was analyzing the data, I realized several important takeaways that we can learn during this time concerning what really matters.

California COVID-19 Deaths Through April 25, 2020







% Deaths to Cases
0-17 511 0 0
18-49 13,304 111 .008%
50-64 7,441 235 3.16%
65+ 6,233 1196 19.2%

Based on this data in CA, you see how COVID-19 is a huge threat to the 65+ demographic that happens to also carry the most comorbidities.

I was curious to see how the prevalence of comorbidities such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity in the United States has had such an impact on our lifespan. It’s sobering to see that the average life span in the U.S. of 78.2 years represents the lowest life expectancy at birth among 12 comparable countries.

As I reviewed this data, it became clear to me that the fable of the 3 little pigs threatened by the wolf, Jesus’s parable in the Bible of the house destroyed by the storm, and the inconsistent virulence of COVID-19 demonstrate an important common metaphor. There are 2 sides of the coin. The problem we need to target isn’t fully the wolf, the storm, or the virus. The problem likely is at least shared by the pigs, the house and the viral host.

Perhaps to get a clearer picture of COVID-19, we need to look at what our role might be in its individual outcomes, and what we possibly can do to fend off threats against our health and well-being. The solution can’t be to simply kill the wolf, the storm or the virus. Why? We may be missing something with this limited view. After all, there will always be a new wolf, storm and infectious agent to fight.

What’s doable right now is that we can strengthen our bodies as the host to not be as susceptible to dangers from outside invaders.  Ultimately, we have the power to create and sustain health-style changes that fortify our immune systems. Although this doesn’t mean we can’t fall prey to infection and its destructive outcomes, these health-style preventive measures can reduce our risk of infection and severity of infection as we align our bodies, minds and spirits to more optimal health. Over time, these conscious mindful choices will lower our risks and vulnerability to fall victim to physical, emotional, and psychological threats.

So, what is your takeaway plan from Covid-19? We invite you to let us be your guide at Speranza San Clemente Clinic to put together a plan to strengthen your host (mind, body, spirit).  You can begin to live (wear) your life as a loose garment, with quality and longevity. Together as we support each other, we can finish strong and experience joy each day.

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